Sunday, December 6, 2009

Paper-Cloth and 3D Stars

My daughter and I decided to make "paper-cloth" a la Kelli Perkins (who blogs here). I belong to an online group that is doing a book study with Stitch Alchemy and this was our first attempt.We used diluted fabric glue to combine tissue paper with cotton fabric. Then we dripped and drizzled alcohol inks and also mixed some with the diluted glue to brush over the surface of the paper fabric.
My daughter was happy with hers just like this.

But mine needed more. So I used a snowflake stencil to add some blue Lumiere paint -- you can see where I glopped it on in the center -- this was not intentional, I misjudged the amount of paint I had on the foam brush.

After the snowflake globs dried, I thought it still needed something, so I brushed a light coat of diluted golden yellow Setacolor transparent paint over the whole thing. Then we made 3D stars from the paper-cloth.

My hibiscus plant is blooming, so I just couldn't resist using it for a prop to hang the finished stars.


Beth said...

Very cool. I wish I had a place to play messy in my house!!! Next house for sure!

Karen S said...

I try to keep the mess contained but most of the time, the whole house is a place to "play messy!"

Grandma Bert said...

OMG, they came out stunning!! Good job. Wow, you just gave me even more ideas to do with these...

Bert in Rice, WA

PS I didn't know a hibiscus would grow and bloom indoors!

Kelli Nina Perkins said...