Saturday, December 5, 2009

Puzzle Blocks

A while ago, a friend suggested that we get this book and try to make some of the blocks in it. Mill House Quilts runs free classes and they were doing this book in one of the classes, but it was during the day when we were at work, so we couldn't go.
I don't usually do lot of traditional quilting or patterns, but sometimes it's fun to work with other people just so you can see how different things look when interpreted by other creative people.

I haven't talked to my friend about it since, but I decided to try some by myself. Because I am averse to following directions, this was a challenge for me. I decided that after I went to the trouble of learning to make one block, I may as well make two. And, using the same pieces, make them as different as possible: a la Paula Nadelstern's Puzzle Blocks.

Star of the Orient

Hands All Around

Rolling Star

Shoo Fly

Trip Around the World

Wouldn't you just know that after I made a few of the blocks, Mill House would have a class at night. It's more like a club, with everybody contributing. Some of the quilters are beginners, but many are very experienced. I'll have more blocks to show later. For the group this month, I'm going to be demoing the paper-piecing method I pinched from Judy Mathieson .

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