Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm A Winner!

Part of the fun at SewCalGal's virtual Christmas quilt show was prizes! And I won one!

I won Sizzling Circles, a book by Lacey Hill and published by Nancy Dill at Lacey also donated the companion "Circles and More" ruler. I should be receiving these by the middle of next month!

Aaaaannndd, yesterday the Packers made the playoffs with thorough routing of the Seattle Seahawks! Goooooo Pack!

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Beth said...

You lucky dog you!!! I won a little pincushion... from salvages... but not a book. I am however trying to win a 70 Series (righthand drive) LandRover!!! Probably haven't a chance in hell to get it though.

Have fun making circles.

Beth-Near Chicago