Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flora is Finally Finished

For Real This Time!  
Because I had to turn her in for the show today.  But I was done anyway.  Really.  
"Flora Checks In"

Here are a couple of detail shots showing the embroidery I added.

The flowers needed some stems.

And the butterfly needed antennae.

This little quilt is part of an every-other-year challenge for the Olbrich Gardens show "Quilts in Bloom" and will be on display from September 25 through October 17 in Madison, Wisconsin.

So where did I use the challenge fabric?  Look closely at the group of flowers at the lower left side.  And the ears.  Click on the photos for a better view.


Judy Warner said...

Beautiful stitching!

Karen said...

....looks great!!

SewCalGal said...

Wow, Flora looks ready to go dazzle at the show. Really cute. I'd love to see her up close and moo with her. She is such a happy cow and I do love happy cows (more than most normal people).


Chris Daly said...

Awesome! Love her!