Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mag31 - The Peeper

I like to walk my dog at night
a good excuse for peeping
leave your window uncovered
let me peek inside your life

I like to walk around your house
at night, see through glass illumine
maybe touch a bit of you
while I peep through your panes

I like to stroll in darkness
see the visitors inside your home
I stay outside where I belong
your uninvited guest

-kls 2010

OK -- I know -- this is just creepy.  I have to quit watching those blood and guts slasher/cop/murderer/CSI/bloody/detective/strangler/lawyer shows.  And reading those books.

Maybe I'll cuddle up with Triple D tonight.  Or watch football.  The trouble with food shows is that they seem to lead to weight gain.  And I don't want to waste any art supply dollars on larger clothing.  That I can't wear on my feet.  Which, for the record, I'm thinking of soaking again.

This poem was written in response to the picture above.   I think it might be a nun in there.  Let me go get my mind.

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Tattered and Lost said...

This captures that odd situation of driving by someone's home at night when they have left the curtains open and I'm sitting at a stop light looking into their world. I move on to the next light and the next life. A creeping peeper indeed, but with only momentary thoughts. No harm intended.

Reflections said...

Walking the dog, glancing up to windows... All an accepted pastime for years ago. You were checking on your neighbor, your friend. Being polite... But today, as your poem expresses, it's become the stalker, the invasion of privacy, the unknown evil bestowed upon us.

Isn't progress wonderful?

Jan said...

ewww, all of a sudden I'm wishin' I had curtains on my windows. You aren't out there are you? Maybe I better let Rocky out for a little yard patrol.
Did you read my blog post a couple of posts back? it was titled Uninvited Guest.

willow said...

I don't walk at night, but actually I love to take a peek in lighted windows as I drive by in the dark. There's something curious and lovely in seeing lighted squares of people's lives.

Berowne said...

People stop and stare; they don't bother me.
For there's nowhere else on earth that I would rather be.
All at once am I several stories high,
Knowing I'm
On the street
Where you live. :-)

kathew said...

I love walking at night after dinner and seeing the warm glow of candles or low lights and my neighbors shadows bustling about or sitting quietly. Very cozy...
Nicely written-well done!

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

I loved Berownes response :)

though I don't prowl around I always love when I can see stuff going on in other people's homes.

not all stuff, mind you :)


Tumblewords: said...

A terrific read - well, as long as you're hanging in someone else's 'hood. :)

Arian Tejano said...

im speechless at the beauty of your delivery, so vernacular yet with so much mysteries in it.

Chris said...

More Triple D I think. We record it and watch it right after dinner and it still makes my mouth water. I love the food ideas but my favorite part is the "Guy-isms" Like, "Welcome to Flavortown and your the mayor"

Karen S said...

Thank you all for your comments -- I have to admit, I've had Freddy's song in my head ever since I read Berowne's comment. I never thought of it in quite that way before.