Monday, September 6, 2010


First Day

A shiny crisp apple and a long yellow bus
New old clothes from Jamie next door
Mother cooked us eggs and toast 

A whole new year for a whole new me
leave those old bullies behind and find
some new ones to torment me

Lockers of terror and desks of despair
taunting teachers with chalk
blackboards and erasers

Dark-fanged student emissaries
a cadre of peerless trolls bent on
butchering self esteems

A shiny crisp day and a whole lot of fuss
hand me down worries
and another damn bus

-kls 2010

This was written in response to a prompt at Magpie Tales.  Write your own and click here.


Jan said...

Soooo, I take it you didn't much like school??

willow said...

Butchering self esteem. Kids can be so cruel. Wonderful weaving of memories!

kathew said...

yikes....poor kid...I especially like the last verse. Painful and well done

Tumblewords: said...

Superbly done. The last stanza is a wonderful close.

Reflections said...

Oh how kids can be... cruel, brutally honest... tormenting. And later, who will remember who?

Painfully well done!