Friday, September 17, 2010

The Mail Box Has Been Very Busy

I received this cute little pattern and fabric from The Quilted Kitty yesterday.
It was another of the prizes for SewCalGal's virtual show "Pets On Quilts."  I like the fabrics they included -- OK, I love those bright colors.   The pattern looks like it will be fun and easy to make -- I think it will make a fine project to do with my daughter.  And look at the little bag they sent -- it has pawprints!  Cute cute.

I also received this wonderful coaster from my friend Beth in South Africa (who blogs here)!  Wouldn't this make the best quilt?  I may try to do it in EQ7 soon.

The last few days (um, maybe all week, actually) our internet has been up and down.  It stays up long enough for me to check email, but not long enough to write a blog post or respond to those emails.  They're just piling up.

Somebody (not me) had the bright idea that we could cut some costs around here by getting rid of a phone line that we don't really need and some extra ring tones (that the kids aren't using like they were supposed to).  This led to some new internet configuration -- I don't really know what we had or have -- as long as it works, I try to avoid worrying my pretty little (brunette) head about it.  But it hasn't been working.  I will catch up on the emails.  Soon.

So my apologies to everyone who has something in my inbox.  And thank you for trying.  As soon as it is fixed, I will also catch up on some blog posting.  Oh -- and I am in favor of cutting costs.  As long as it doesn't interfere with my life online.

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SewCalGal said...

What great mail you've been getting. Love the cute Kitty cell phone holder too. Fabrics are very cute. And the coaster is delightful.