Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Good Day to Dye

This morning was beautiful. Sunny, blue skies and warm. So I mixed up some dyes, prepped fabric and made mental notes about what I was going to dye today. Then I went off to Zumba. When I returned, the Packers were winning and it seemed like a perfect day to spend on the couch and watch football. But I had other plans.

My stash needs some lighter colors. I tend to prefer to dye really rich, saturated colors, but I need some lighter colors to balance things. Following are some lighter colors; there's another one that didn't make it into the picture. They look pretty bright, but they're always a couple of shades lighter after they're dry.

And I needed a shibori-dyed piece for a challenge I am doing. I drizzled some green on the rolled tied fabric. Then I scrunched it and doused it with dark chocolate brown dye.

Then I did a couple of skies and some "tree-dyes." I'll post pictures after it's all washed out and done.

By the time I finished, the skies were cloudy and it had started pouring.

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