Saturday, February 20, 2010

Continuation of the Life Cycle of the Snow Dye

Here I present the pupa stage of the snow-dye.  For this session, I mixed up lemon yellow, golden yellow, fuchsia, grape, turquoise and some black.

     This half yard was folded in half an scrunched with fuchsia and turquoise dyes poured over -- it's a little too pink for me -- I will probably over-dye it with a little golden yellow.

The whole yard was folded and scrunched with dyes poured over in a rainbow sequence.

This one was scrunched and twisted with dyes randomly poured over.  I like the depth the black dye lends.

This half yard is yellow, turquoise, and black -- there is a little orange showing, I wonder if I dripped a little fuchsia on it, or if that's the golden yellow with the black (someday I should learn to take better notes).    
 The whole yard was accordion folded with yellow, turquoise and black with a couple of drips of very diluted fuchsia or grape. -- I like this one -- it looks like a canyon or a mountainside to me.

This one was accordion folded in the center of the fabric and the ends were scrunched. Turquoise, yellow, purple -- those are great lavender tones in between the "trees."  

I am saving the "adult" phase of the life-cycle for later -- a snow-dye cannot become an adult and realize its full potential until it is made into something.  It comes into its own only when made part of a larger thing.

"By a small sample we may judge of the whole piece."
-Miguel de Cervantes 1547 - 1616


Karen M said...

How beautiful these turned out! I especially love the second one that looks like giant flowers.

Vicki W said...

They all turned out great!