Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Dye Parfait Results

I brought the parfait bucket into the house and let it batch on top of a heater vent in the family room under the lemon tree overnight.  By the next afternoon, the snow was almost all melted and all the water and dyes had drained into the stuff at the bottom of the bucket.

I rinsed and washed the fabrics.  They don't look anything like the fabrics Shirley had.

I'm pretty sure that these are in order from bottom to top as they were layered in the bucket (again, with the shoddy note-taking).
Each layer of fabric took on some of the the color that it sat on top of and then got more color from the dye above as it dripped through the snow.

I like these -- I think it would be worth an experiment to try it using a more limited palette of color, such as yellows with orange and reds, maybe blues, purples and magenta, or blues and yellows together.

Probably because the snow dripped through all the layers as it melted, there was very little dye left to wash out -- the second rinse had no color in it.  The liquid at the bottom of the bucket was pretty dark.

The top layers had the best patterning and color, so I think that fewer layers would be a good idea also. 

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KimT said...

love the fabrics!