Friday, February 19, 2010

The Life Cycle of the Snow Dye

Like other living things, snow-dyed fabric has its own life cycle.  Following is an attempt, in words and pictures, to describe the growth and development from beginning to end; in this case, from egg to pupa stages.

This is a picture of the egg stage.  Note that there is no color as yet.  The soda-soaked fabrics are scrunched in their shells.

Here is a shot of the incubating fabrics, each covered with a soft coat of fresh snow.  They sleep and grow, nestled in their plastic shells.

This is what we call the young larvae or nymph stage -- note the bright colors are visible now.  This is where the sense of humor develops and they begin to enjoy jokes about bodily functions.

Here are the mature larvae -- ready to be rinsed and washed.  Notice that the snow has melted and dripped through the fabric, with color pooling in and around.

Next post:  the emergence of the pupae