Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Dye Parfait

Shirley, a cyber-friend who blogs here, posted some pictures of some wonderful snow dyes that  looked like they had veins like marble or granite.  She said that her mother had done them.  She kindly shared the directions with Beth who shared them with me.
I took those directions and combined them with the technique from Terri Stegmiller of Three (then Two) Creative Studios for One Bucket Dyeing and came up with the idea of Snow Dye Parfait (I'm really sick of snow and we just keep getting more; I do this so I don't go snow-insane).  

I set some containers into the bottom of a bucket and cut a piece of snow-fencing (that I lifted from a construction site a while ago to use for a dye-painting resist) to set on top of the containers so the fabrics would not sit in the excess liquid.   Then I  layered the soda-soaked fabrics in the bucket and poured a different color of dye on each layer of compacted snow, remembering color-mixing rules so I didn't get mud-colored fabrics.
I let the whole thing hang out overnight in the garage.  The temperature is around 30 degrees farenheit, so the snow was kind of slushy and packed well.

From the bottom up, I used Sun Yellow, Sapphire, Grape, Boysenberry, Golden Yellow, and Turquoise dyes in this order with another dribble of turquoise on the very bottom layer.  It really does look like a delicious snow cone.  Makes me think of summer...

Next post:  the results.


Krekeltje said...

Hi Karen, I can't wait to see the results, you make such pretty fabrics. And the Sylvia blocks are lovely! ShirleyJ

Terri Stegmiller said...

Can't wait to see your fabrics!

Beth said...

We have to wait for results? Starting to sound like lab tests.... wait and wait and.... Looking forward to the results. I know they will be beautiful.