Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Little Bit of Paint and Some Big Blocks

After heat-setting the diluted paint (thanks, Jill), I washed and ironed (again) these formerly white on white fabrics. I like the pale colors and the subtle textures from the scrunching.

The group that I meet with once a month decided to do this pattern for this year:

It's a sampler quilt with lots of options (for those of us who prefer to do our own thing) and the blocks are varied enough that they're interesting for advanced quilters, but easy enough for the more novice among us.

Since I had to return to my un-real job last week (after a six-week layoff), I have to get back in the swing of things and relearn how to budget my time. So I'm two months behind on blocks (and haven't posted in almost a week). I took a snow day today and finished this block:

It's called "Queen's Petticoat." For Christmas, my daughter gave me some beautiful batiks in watery blues and greens. I added some more from my stash and the fabrics I painted in my last post.

Being a fan of tedious patchwork -- why do easy if you can make it hard? -- I decided that the nine-patch in the center of the other January block was just too simple. So I got out my graph paper and drafted this star. I paper pieced it using the freezer paper technique.

This block is called "Mrs. Lloyd's Favorite." After I made the center, I thought it might have too much white space, so I made a Lemoyne star for the center. Yes -- one of those diamonds is a scrap of my own hand-dyed marbled fabric. It's left over from a quilt I made for my son -- I finished the top, now I just have to quilt it.

Now I have to decide which to use. Any suggestions?


Beth said...

If you must know! I like the 8 pointed star. The foundation pieced one is just too spikey... and sharp. Now if you would replace the outside corners (on the 8 pointed center) with the spikey tips (from the foundation pieced)... that might make use of both.

Glad you had a productive day!

Beth-Near Chicago

Quilt Rat said...

They all look great. Maybe the choice will become more clear once you have completed a few more blocks????