Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Many Were Entered,

few were chosen. Sadly, mine was in the latter group. But I had fun making it.

"Wisconsin Seasonal"
26" x 52"

Rust-dyed, hand-dyed, and shibori-dyed cotton fabrics, machine pieced, appliquéd, and quilted. Highlighted with textile paint. Cotton and rayon threads.

I wanted to showcase the seasons of agricultural Wisconsin with the bright blue spring sky, the verdant green of the fields, and the state tree, Sugar Maple, leaves quilted into the border.

The all-important corn over the golden field of grain in the fall.

And the winter snow -- under which the ground sleeps and renews itself for the coming year.


Beth said...

bummer Dude!!! But it will look nice on your wall.

Beth-Near Chicago

Quilt Rat said...

I am sorry to hear that it was not one of the chosen pieces. I think it is a marvelous work, I certainly hope this has not discouraged you. Perhaps the piece did not fit with whatever the "look" of the show is that they have in their minds. I would certainly try entering this again in a different show. It DESERVES an audience!
and yes, as Beth said........Bummer

Chris said...

What a beautiful representation of our fine state! I'm sorry about the competition, but so glad you shared it with us. The colors and quilting are extraordinary!

Terri said...

Hey! It's in my "favorites"! :)
Peace T

Michele at Sweet Leaf said...

This is wonderful -- from the surface-designed fabrics, to the composition of colors, to the stitching. I've seen these farm fields of the midwest, and this is a dead ringer--only better! Nice job!